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Emily, 21, straight edge, (gold star) lesbian, animal lover, and professional wrestler.
Get at me!(:
21 from Scotland come say Hi
Dani~18~I currently live in Michigan but I’ll be moving back to Louisiana in June~reading~sleeping~music
Hey there,Im Zoey, Im 15, 16 later this year, and I live in Arizona. I tend to be really shy but I love getting to know people you can either message me at or you can kik me at zkrzyz. Hope to hear from you :)
Ruby 20 UK
Hi I’m Taylor :) I like cats, girls and coffee x
Enrica. 23. Europe.
Message me :)
Emily, 21, straightedge, animal lover, lesbian, and professional wrestler. (:
My other social media life lines;
Instagram: @emilyecanady
Facebook: Hayley Shadows
Youtube: Hayley Shadows
Twitter: @emilyecanady
Wanelo: @emilyecanady
Vine: @emilyecanady
Snapchat: @emilyecanady @emilyelizabethcanady
Voxer: @emilyecanady
Hey, i recently submitted but i forgot to add my URL!
I’m Kael. I’m 21, single, and I’m pretty chill.
I use humor to get by and I love making peoples day.
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